Terms and conditions

User Responsibility and Conditions of Use

Users are reminded that it is their responsibility to carefully read the SociaPet use policy, including rules on privacy policy detailed on our website.

All users are encouraged to make a responsible use SocialPet, since you can access to third parties data the right to privacy of all members will be protected.

Social Pet is a website that enables access by international and domestic users so you must define the type of information you want other users to access.

SocialPet reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time these terms of use, which will be modified herein, and we urge all users to periodically review them.

SocialPet members undertake to use its content and services according to morality and public order. It is expressly prohibited the unlawful use or contrary to these conditions.

Users expressly undertake not to destroy, render useless or damage any content available on the web, avoiding any conduct that may impede the proper functioning of the portal.

Also community users undertake not to introduce programs, viruses, macros, ActiveX controls or any other logical device or sequence of characters that may cause alterations in the SocialPet system or in other users.

Social Pet may remove any user who performs any of the above behaviors.


Social Pet users are informed that they expressly consent the transfer of a license to use the content or information published on the Site, which may be eligible for protection of intellectual property rights, such license being non-exclusive, consensual, and worldwide and in effect for as long as such content or information is published in SocialPet.

It is strictly forbidden to publish content on the website protected by third party rights, which once detected by SocialiPet, will be proceeded to their immediate removal.

Social Pet will not post any content that the user does not want, the members are the ones who decide to publish content and for how long they want to keep it on our Site.

Such transfer is intended to allow SocialPet keep such contents published on the Site and may offer users the service they request without SocialPet being able to use them for other purposes.

Such license will be automatically revoked once users withdraw the published content or are no longer users of the Site.


While Social Pet is committed to maintaining proper security of the Site in reference to the protection of the content and information that its users post, but we can not guarantee it as such security also depends on all its members. That is why the following acts are absolutely prohibited:

  1. Provide keys and user passwords to third parties.
  2. Send unauthorized commercial communications, such as spam or junk mail.
  3. Impersonate third parties or other authorized members.
  4. Use the service to send advertising messages or attempt to capture user data for that purpose.
  5. Publish, disclose or share content that is racist, xenophobic, pornographic, abusive or fraudulent that violate morality, public order and decency.
  6. Publish, disclose or share content that violate the honor, privacy or any of the rights expressly contained in the Constitution of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay of 1967.

Any such aforementioned behaviors will result in the immediate elimination of the user, as well as all content that violates these prohibitions with no right to compensation.


It is not allowed to register as a member of Social Pet for people under 18 years.

User profile

The registration process as a new user of Social Pet involves a mandatory form which will assign each user a profile, within this process new users must answer mandatory questions and other voluntary which are clearly differentiated.

The mandatory information will not be deleted by the user or they risk losing active user quality. Modifying user data within the profile management is allowed, except those whose condition data are permanent (eg. name, sex etc.).

Within the registration process, new members must choose a username and a password, which will be personal and non-transferable.

Once registered as a member, users may change the levels of privacy with respect to other users, therefore we recommend to define the degree of privacy according to their interest.

Responsibility for the use of user profile is unique because depending on the degree of privacy used this information may be accessible to other users SocialPet.